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Yakov Zverev

C++/Qt, Go software engineer

I'm Yakov Zverev and I'm 29 years old. I grew up in Krasnodar (south of Russia). After school I lived in Saint-Petersburg for 8 years and now I living in Moscow and would be happy to relocate to Czech Republic, Canada, Germany or may be to another interesting country. I like to spend my free time to ship modeling, reading books and play with my smartest dog. Twice a year (2 weeks in January-Ferbrary and 2 weeks in May-June) I go to Saint-Petersburg for examination in Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

I'm a Software Engineer. When I was a 6 years old, my parents presented to me my first personal computer. It was Pentium 3. A little bit later I confronted with a problem solving on PC. Yep, my parents set a password (because I played a video games all my time) and I could reset it. Unfortunately I forgot how I did it but I will never forget how my parents scolded me :) In 14 years I firmly decided that my future is only software engineering. Thanks to my parents, they found a tutor for me and I started to practice in programming. My first programming language is Turbo Pascal. After 5 years in University I met a new language - C++ from which my career started.

I'm a Tennis Player. When I was in school my father offered me to go to tennis school. I agreed and studied there 5 years. Then I took a pause and moved to Saint-Petersburg. Two year ago, in Moscow, I got an irresistible desire to renew a tennis training. At now, I playing in local tournaments and my place is 47 of 65. In the next year I planned to grow up to top 20.